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Image Nation

Ally's World Rocks

7 year bitch, acoustic guitar, activism, alanis morissette, ani difranco, animal rights, animals, anime, antigone rising, art, astarte, avoiding certain people, being a bitch, betty page, black dresses, blue jeans, boys in makeup, candy, cartoons, college radio, comedy central, cooking, cristina scabbia, curly hair, dancing, dark places, dead can dance, deep thinking, doom, dracula, edward scissorhands, evanescence, eyeliner, fantasy, female musicians fiona apple, fireworks, funerals, garbage, garbage pail kids, ghost, glitter, guitars, gwen stefani, hard core, haunted houses, heavy music, hiking, hole, iced tea, independent music, indie rock, insomnia, italian food, italian pride, italy, jack off jill, janis joplin, karyn crisis, kittens, kittie, l7, labei ritual, lacuna coil, late night, lesbian porno, lesbian sex, lesbians, lisa gerrard, liv tyler, long hair, luna, lunachicks, lydia lunch, make up, masturbation, melodic black metal, metal, misfits, mixed tapes, music, my room, my so-called life, my vibrator, nature, niravana, no doubt, old books, opera ix, paint shop pro, pearl jam, pj harvey, punk rock, queen adreena, ren and stimpy, rock, rock bitch, sean yseult, sex, sex pistols, she-ra, shirley manson, shopping, singing, sleep, slymenstra hymen, soccer, sonic youth, stevie nicks, sunsets, swords, tampax, tatoo's, the breeders, the celestine prophecy, the clash, the cure, the donnas, the gathering, the phone, the simpsons, the smell of campfires, the smiths, the white stripes, tongue piercings, tori amos, tree carvings, unleashed, vaginal stimulation, van gogh, veganism, vegetarianism, veruca salt, vinyl, webpage design, wine coolers